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American Ornithology|or The Natural History Of The... by Wilson, Alexander|Bonaparte, Charles Lucian
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: History,  543 pgs
An Account Of The Musical Performances V Westminster... by CHARLES BURNEY
    L: English,  Y: 1784, S: Music,  250 pgs
Baron Von Vega's Logarithmic Tables Of Numbers And... by Vega, Georg|Bremiker, Karl|Fischer, W. L. F.
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Mathematics,  598 pgs
Curiosities Of Literature Vol. I by Disraeli, Isaac|Disraeli, Benjamin
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Literature,  518 pgs
Lectures On The Epistles To The Thessalonians|notes... by Lincoln, William
    L: Multilingual,  Y: 1800, S: Religion,  308 pgs
Memoirs Of The Life And Administration Of Sir Robert... by WILLIAM COXE, M.A. F.R.S. F.A.S
    L: English,  Y: 1798, S: Biography,  832 pgs
Nih Staff Fellowship Programs by National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
    L: English,  Y: 1795, S: Organizational_behavior,  22 pgs
Supplement To Mellor S Comprehensive Treatise On Inorganic... by
    L: English,  Y: 1724, S: Chemistry,  1210 pgs
The History Of England From The Revolution To The Death... by Smollett, Tobias George|Hume, David
    L: English,  Y: 1785, S: History,  472 pgs
The History Of Pennfylvania, In North America: Volume... by ROBERT PROUD
    L: English,  Y: 1797, S: History,  518 pgs
The Life Of John Wesley by Telford, John
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Biography,  381 pgs
The Poetical Works Of Felicia Hemans by Hemans, Felicia Dorothea Browne# Rossetti, William Michael
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Literature,  570 pgs
The Private Life Of Lewis Xv Vol Iii by J O Gustanond tr
    L: English,  Y: 1781, S: Biography,  310 pgs
The Works Of Flavius Josephus Vol. I by Josephus, Flavius|Whiston, William
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Literature,  660 pgs
The Works Of Flavius Josephus Vol.1 by Josephus, Flavius|L'Estrange, Roger
    L: English,  Y: 1702, S: Literature,  574 pgs
Wesley's Sermons|sin In Believers.--repentance In Believers.--scripture... by Wesley, John
    L: English,  Y: 1800, S: Religion,  144 pgs
[乾隆]咸陽縣志:卷一至卷四 by (清)臧應桐
    L: Chinese,  Y: 1751, S: Unknown,  192 pgs
[乾隆]咸陽縣志:卷五至卷十 by (清)臧應桐
    L: Chinese,  Y: 1751, S: Unknown,  202 pgs
[乾隆]咸陽縣志:卷十七至卷二十二 by (清)臧應桐
    L: Chinese,  Y: 1751, S: Unknown,  277 pgs
[乾隆]咸陽縣志:卷十一至卷十六 by (清)臧應桐
    L: Chinese,  Y: 1751, S: Unknown,  208 pgs
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