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Cyclopedia Of American Literature Emdroino Personal... by Evert A Duyckinck
    L: English,  Y: 1856, S: Literature,  698 pgs
The Foundations Of Belief Being Notes Introductory... by Arthur James Balfour
    L: English,  Y: 1895, S: Literature,  369 pgs
The Jesuits In North America In Seventeenth Centur by Francis Parkman
    L: English,  Y: 1900, S: History,  620 pgs
The L 1,000,000 Bank-Not by Mark Twain
    L: English,  Y: 1892, S: Economics,  76 pgs
(Qis'sah) Khusrwan -E - Ajam (Shah Nama) by Mool Chand Lucknowi
    L: Urdu,  Y: 1826, S: Literature,  264 pgs
    L: Telugu,  Y: 1999, S: Politics,  153 pgs
    L: Telugu,  Y: 1916, S: Language. Linguistics. Literature,  36 pgs
3178 Gazette No 29 Jareeda Ilamia Al Jazanl Sani Vol... by -
    L: Urdu,  Y: 9999, S: Periodical,  450 pgs
    L: Kannada,  Y: 1900, S: LANGUAGE. LINGUISTICS. LITERATURE,  84 pgs
    L: Telugu,  Y: 1915, S: Unknown,  104 pgs
A Bacterial Disease Of The Tomato, Eggplant, And Irish... by Smith, Erwin F
    L: English,  Y: 1896, S: Medical,  ? pgs
A Bibliography Of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Nina E Browne
    L: English,  Y: 1905, S: Literature,  378 pgs
A Bird Calendar For Northern India by Dewar Douglas
    L: English,  Y: 1916, S: History,  262 pgs
A Book Of Narratives by Campbell, Oscar James|Rice, Richard Ashley
    L: English,  Y: 1917, S: Literature,  503 pgs
A Brief Introduction To New Testament Greek|with Vocabularies... by Green, Samuel G.
    L: English,  Y: 1913, S: Literature,  175 pgs
A Brief Narrative Of An Unsuccessful Attempt To Reach... by Towler J
    L: English,  Y: 1825, S: Technology,  230 pgs
A Builder Of The New South: Being The Story Of The... by GEORGE TAYLOE WINSTON
    L: English,  Y: 1920, S: Biography,  418 pgs
A Case Study On High-value Nile Perch Products by Ogunja, J.C.; Werimo, K.O.; Okemwa, E.N. (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Inst., Mombasa (Kenya))
    L: English,  Y: 1992, S: AGROVOC,  ? pgs
A Collaborative Knowledge Network As An Instrument... by Putuhena, F.J.; Yap, J.T.L.
    L: English,  Y: 2006, S: AGROVOC,  ? pgs
A Collection Of Popular Tales From The Norse And North... by George Webbe Dasent
    L: English,  Y: 1906, S: Literature,  378 pgs
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