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A History of Hindu Civilisation during British Rule... by Ramatha Nath Bose
    L: English,  Y: 1894, S: History,  296 pgs
A History of the principle drug by William Dymock
    L: English,  Y: 1891, S: Medical,  696 pgs
Beacon Lights Of Histor by John Lord
    L: English,  Y: 1883, S: History,  447 pgs
History Of Europe During The Middle Ages Volume I by Henry Hallam
    L: English,  Y: 1899, S: History,  532 pgs
History Of The Jews Volume I by Professor H Graetz
    L: English,  Y: 1893, S: History,  679 pgs
The Adventures Of Philip On His Way Through The Worl by William Makepeace Thackeray
    L: English,  Y: 1888, S: Unknown,  496 pgs
The British Essayists With Prefaces Biographical Historical... by Lionel Thomas Berguer
    L: English,  Y: 1823, S: Biography,  353 pgs
The History Of Henry Esmond,Es by William Makepeace Thackeray
    L: English,  Y: 1888, S: History,  484 pgs
The History Of The Poems Their Church And State And... by Leopold Ranke
    L: English,  Y: 1891, S: History,  537 pgs
Universalism In America A History Vol II 1801 1886... by Richard Eddy
    L: English,  Y: 1894, S: History,  654 pgs
0011 Dastan Tarkata Zana Hind by Chasles Matal
    L: Persian,  Y: 1917, S: History,  518 pgs
1943 S History Of Prussia by Herbert Tuttle
    L: English,  Y: 1888, S: History,  350 pgs
2618-s Burke And Hare by William Roughead
    L: English,  Y: 1921, S: SOCIAL SCIENCES,  321 pgs
6561 Cyclic Tabeles Of Hindu And Mathomedan Chronolog by charles philip brown
    L: English,  Y: 1850, S: Religion,  64 pgs
A Bibliography Of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Nina E Browne
    L: English,  Y: 1905, S: Literature,  378 pgs
A Bibliography Of Oliver Wendell Holmes by George B Ives
    L: English,  Y: 1907, S: Literature,  366 pgs
A Bibliography Of The Works Of Joseph Hergesheimer... by H L R Swire
    L: English,  Y: 1922, S: Literature,  398 pgs
A Biographical History Of Philosophy by G H Lewes
    L: English,  Y: 1893, S: Biography,  231 pgs
A Biography Of William Cullen Bryantwith Extracts From... by Godwin, Parke
    L: English,  Y: 1883, S: Biography,  ? pgs
A Book Of Discoverythe History Of The World's Exploration... by Synge, M. B
    L: English,  Y: 1920, S: Geography,  608 pgs
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