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A Book Bridge by Fontifex
    L: English,  Y: 1905, S: Literature,  400 pgs
A Book Of Seventeenth Century Lyrics by Schelling,felix E
    L: English,  Y: 1899, S: Music,  394 pgs
A Catalogue Of The Collection Of Persian Manuscripts... by Cochran, Alexander Smith
    L: English,  Y: 1914, S: History,  258 pgs
A Complete Concordance To The Holy Scriptures Of The... by ALEXANDER CRUDEN, M.A# AN ORIGIL LIFE OF THE AUTHOR
    L: English,  Y: 1879, S: Religion,  876 pgs
A Contribution To The Critique Of Political Economy... by Karl Marx
    L: English,  Y: 1904, S: Politics,  328 pgs
A Course In Practical Mathematics by F.m. Saxelby
    L: English,  Y: 1922, S: Mathematics,  492 pgs
A Course In Practical Mathematics Fourth Edition by Saxelby F M
    L: English,  Y: 1910, S: Mathematics,  474 pgs
A Course Of Elementary Instruction In Practical Biology... by Huxley T H
    L: English,  Y: 1902, S: Biology,  536 pgs
A Couse Of Elementary Instruciton In Practical Biology... by T H Huxley
    L: English,  Y: 1876, S: Biology,  336 pgs
A First Course In Plant And Animal Biology by W.s. Furneaux
    L: English,  Y: 1914, S: Biology,  242 pgs
A Frenchman In America by Max Orell
    L: English,  Y: 1891, S: History,  395 pgs
A Guide To Family Devotion by Alexander Fletcher
    L: English,  Y: 1839, S: Sociology,  858 pgs
A Handbook For Revenue Officers In The Presidency Of... by Alexander Kyd Nairne
    L: English,  Y: 1884, S: SOCIAL SCIENCES,  875 pgs
A History Of A Lump Of Iron by Alexander Watt
    L: English,  Y: 1884, S: History,  126 pgs
A History Of The Jews In Modern Times Revised Edition... by Max Raisin
    L: English,  Y: 1919, S: History,  678 pgs
A History Of The Precious Metalsfrom The Earliest Times... by Del Mar, Alexander
    L: English,  Y: 1902, S: History,  511 pgs
A Laboratory Outline Of General Chemistry by Smith, Alexander|Hale, William J.
    L: English,  Y: 1908, S: Chemistry,  149 pgs
A Little History Of China And A Chinese Stor by Brebner Alexander
    L: English,  Y: 1873, S: History,  192 pgs
A Lump Of Coal by Alexander Watt
    L: English,  Y: 1882, S: Material_science,  108 pgs
A Manual Of Pharmacology by Dixon, Walter Ernest
    L: English,  Y: 1906, S: Medical,  472 pgs
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